2020 Accountancy for Limited Companies

Utilising our proven technology, we offer two levels of service allowing you to decide how much you take on yourself and how much we do for you. If you choose to undertake some of the tasks yourself, we can provide a tutorial to get you started and assistance if you ever find yourself a bit stumped!

Why choose 2020 Accountancy?

We are sector specialists and focus purely on Limited Company Contractor Accounting.

We conduct our services with clear jargon free communication and offer easy to use online services to enter timesheet and expense information.

2020 Accountancy guarantees the following benefits:

  • Working with 2020 you can be assured there are no upfront costs to pay, not even your first month advance, helping your cash flow at a busy time. We also offer weekly billing options.
  • Payment holidays – if you are between contracts you can take payment holidays so that you are not paying out when you are not earning.
  • Switch back to the benefits of an umbrella company whenever you need.
  • Online portal – As a 2020 client you have your own online portal to easily keep up to date with your financial situation, upload expenses, generate invoices and see how much you can pay yourself each month.Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 11.11.36
  • Clear pricing structure – Stay in control doing as much or as little of the paperwork as you choose. We have 2 packages available to select the level of support and cost you need

Contact 2020 Accountancy to discuss your individual situation (link). Our experienced advisors are ready to take your call and Accountancy customers will be allocated a personal, qualified accountant.