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Increased Productivity For Contractors Working From Home

Mon 22nd Jul 2019

There are many thoughts around people who work from home being less productive and falling into a compromised way of working but for many working from home, the truth is the opposite and can actually help the worker adapt a more positive mindset in their environment.

What’s stopping people sitting in front of the TV or popping to the shop when they know they’re not being watched? How can people be truly trusted when they’re left to their own devices?

The fact is that people who choose to work from home usually have a reason to do so and choose the style of working in order to be more, not less, productive. A large number of studies show that working from home can actually improve productivity and increase a better workflow in a shorter amount of time.

As well as enabling a better work-life balance, it can give the worker a better sense of independence, reliability and flexibility.

What are some of the reasons behind the increase in productivity?

Varied clients

Contractors who work from home may have more than one client on the go at a given time therefore traveling from one site to another takes time. The travel time can be given back to the working day and allow a contractor to switch between clients during a day. This also gives the contractor flexibility to work with more clients and to have a higher earning potential.

Less stress from commuting

For someone who is not worrying about traveling to work or tackling the long commute, getting stuck in traffic, worrying about being late, along with all the other stress factors that come with a long journey, they can feel happier with less pressures which results in better productivity.

Virtual flexibility

When a contractor works from home, they have the flexibility to not only work with local clients but to offer national and international services to clients in a virtual capacity. This again gives variety and a wider chance of working with different clients throughout the world and opens up opportunities that not necessarily would be offered if working from an office environment.

Fewer interruptions

Working in an office can be great for conversation and getting to know your colleagues but it can also provide bigger distractions, resulting in less work being completed. With fewer interruptions and less people around to catch your attention, start a conversation or corner you for longer than you’d prefer, the rate of productivity can be increased. With less distractions you are more likely to finish work to a higher standard in a quicker time.

Fewer sick days

Flexibility and working from home can help contractors who have families or dependants manage their days better. If work can be fitted around other commitments, it enables a person to fulfil obligations and to look after sick or reliant relatives, which will decrease the chance of them taking sick days themselves to look after them. With this happening, rather than waiting for a person to return to work following sick periods, the work will usually still be accomplished around their families.

Job satisfaction

Studies show that many contractors who can work from home have better job satisfaction than those who are required to go into an office or specific workplace, even the option to have a ‘split’ placement, both office and at home has a proven positive effect. It enables a person to feel more in control over their work, able to work where and when they choose in their environment of choice along with having more flexibility which all goes into improving job satisfaction.

Here at 2020 Accountancy, we are here to support contractors in whatever environment they choose to work in, and we are available to offer contractor advice or to help you with your accounting needs.

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