At 2020 Accountancy, we recommend all of our limited company contractor clients have appropriate business insurance in place ready to start contracting. It's important that contractors safeguard both themselves and their companies. We've partnered with experts Kingsbridge to make it easy for you.

The Kingsbridge insurance policy is specifically tailored to meet the needs of professional contractors and freelancers. Please find a summary of the Kingsbridge package below;

Professional Indemnity

Covers you against claims involving accusations of professional negligence, making an error or omission, and giving bad advice which results in financial loss. It'll provide cover for legal costs as well as any damages awarded against you.

Public Liability

Provides cover if someone is injured or property is damaged as a result of your actions. Whether you are working on your own premises or the premises of your client, you have a duty to protect anyone who might be affected by your activities.

Employers' Liability

Provides protection against claims from employees. It is compulsory for almost all UK businesses. Regardless of your set-up, this is often insisted upon by clients who may require you to comply with a standardised contract.

IR35 Assessments

Ahead of the April 2021 IR35 reform, it's important as a contractor that you know and check what your position is in relation to IR35.

Kingsbridge offer IR35 status reviews using their award-winning Status Tool, which is available here for all 2020 Accountancy clients. At this time, Kingsbridge are the only IR35 solution provider combining an automated review process with in-house consultancy support for borderline cases to give you the most accurate IR35 result and guidance available.

The hybrid status review tool puts the best expertise and support into one place. A single review costs just £50.

  • Get an instant IR35 report that will outline the strengths and weaknesses of your engagement.
  • Download your IR35 Result and report containing specific feedback on your answers.
  • Any indeterminate results will be manually reviewed by our IR35 consultancy team who contact you to discuss your review.


If you would a like to discuss your business insurance arrangements, please get in touch with Kingsbridge:

Call: 01242 335 434 referencing 2020 Accountancy.

To obtain an IR35 Assessment please CLICK HERE or contact directly.

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