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Wed 20th Mar 2019

Making Tax Digital for VAT - Getting Started

It’s high on the radar as we’ve entered 2019, and if you’re a business owner, you’re probably aware of the hot topic that’s right in the forefront of both businesses and accountant’s minds: Making Tax Digital.

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is ...

Mon 11th Mar 2019

The Importance Of A LinkedIn Profile

Social media for pleasure may not be a top priority for you but embracing LinkedIn and what it has to offer a contractor or small business owner can be extremely powerful.

LinkedIn has a highly effective search ...

Mon 18th Feb 2019

The Benefits of Limited Company Contracting

Whatever industry you are in, there are numerous benefits of working as a contractor and being your own boss! Many of these advantages boil down to pay, flexibility, financial freedom and career satisfaction.

If you are considering becoming a contractor ...

Wed 6th Feb 2019

Payment On Account - What Is It?

When you start working for yourself either as a sole trader or contractor, one of the first benefits you will notice is that you’re not paying tax every month on the income that you receive. Unlike the employee PAYE system ...

Mon 21st Jan 2019

Productivity Tips For Contractors And The Self Employed

Contractors are not employers, they are independent consultants who work when they want and where they want depending on client specifications. They are usually contracted in to perform a task for a specialist job that an internal member of staff ...

Wed 9th Jan 2019

Do I need an accountant?

If you’re a freelancer or a small business owner, you may question the need for an accountant. This is understandable and the thought of spending funds on something you cannot see rather than fun things like a new website or ...

Mon 31st Dec 2018

How Long Should Limited Company Records Be Retained For?

If you own a business, whether that be a limited company, self-employed, sole-trader or freelancer, you must keep financial company records for a certain period of time. The time frame depends on what type of tax you pay.

Limited company If ...

Wed 5th Dec 2018

8 Top Tips When Starting a Contractor Business

Are you considering taking the leap from employment to contractor? Getting started with a contractor business is a great career move if you’re looking for a more flexible and balanced work/life approach, being able to choose the hours you work ...

Mon 19th Nov 2018

What To Include When Invoicing Through a Limited Company

If you’re trading through a limited company, you’ll need to submit an invoice on a regular basis before you’ll be able to receive payment from an agency or client. Typically, this is done weekly or monthly.

Bad cash-flow management is the ...

Thu 8th Nov 2018

What is a self-employed sole trader?

Is there a difference between being self-employed or a sole-trader?

If you work for yourself and not for an employer, you are self-employed. If you are self-employed, chances are that you are a sole-trader. If you are the sole owner ...

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