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Thu 8th Nov 2018

What is a self-employed sole trader?

Is there a difference between being self-employed or a sole-trader?

If you work for yourself and not for an employer, you are self-employed. If you are self-employed, chances are that you are a sole-trader. If you are the sole owner ...

Wed 17th Oct 2018

How To Get a Mortgage as a Contractor

Some contractors find it hard when it comes to purchasing a house and finding a mortgage that suits their business model. Many contractors are turned down when they go to high street lenders due to the simple evaluation criteria of ...

Mon 1st Oct 2018

What Is The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)?

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is a government initiative that applies to construction contractors and subcontractors or businesses that are involved in the construction industry. This can include property developers, builders, tradesmen or agency supply workers and so on. It ...

Wed 19th Sep 2018

Limited Company Contractors - Make A Good Impression!

When moving from client to client, and site to site, limited company contractors often have more first impression opportunities than other workers, so how can they ensure they’re making a good first impression on their first day?

Setting foot into ...

Mon 10th Sep 2018

10 Benefits of Becoming a Limited Company

There are many benefits to setting up as a Limited company. If you’re working as a contractor or sole-trader, it could be in your best interests to take advantage of what a Limited company has to offer.

If you’re currently ...

Mon 3rd Sep 2018

Common Accounting Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Accounting is part of every business, whether you are a one-man band or a larger organisation, the need for it to be accurate is essential. Accounting is not something that only matters if you’ve got time, it matters all the ...

Wed 15th Aug 2018

Working for yourself - Enjoy a Work-Life Balance

Having freedom and success is something that many people would strive for, if they had the means. And in today’s society it has never been easier to create that lifestyle you desire in order to maximise a work-life balance.

If ...

Wed 25th Jul 2018

The Benefits Of Hiring An Accountant

Being an entrepreneur or a small business owner can often mean that you have to be a finance expert as well. When you set up a business as a contractor, sole-trader or limited company, you may have great expectations ...

Mon 23rd Jul 2018

Tips To Becoming An IT Contractor

You’ve been working in the IT corporate world for a while now, earning money for someone else, putting in all the long hours for not much in return - so is it time to venture into the world of contracting? ...

Wed 27th Jun 2018

The P11D Form - End Of Year Expenses and Benefits

The P11D is a form provided by HMRC to detail benefits received in kind - expenses and benefits an employee has had throughout a given tax year. Use the P11D form if you’re an employer who needs to report end-of-year ...
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