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Negotiation strategies for freelancers

Wed 26th Feb 2020

If you’re a freelancer who charges an hourly rate you will understand that working as efficiently as possible is one of the best ways to generate as much income as possible from the limited time you have. It does also mean you have to stand firm on your hourly rate when it comes to clients who want to negotiate you down on your rate.

If the thought of having these negotiations makes you feel uncomfortable then here are some strategies to help you:

Understand your minimum rate

Understand the minimum acceptable rate that you are willing to work for and don’t be afraid to say no to any work below that.

Charge on a case-by-case basis

Set your rate on the clients budget, always ask for this first as this may be lower than your minimum rate.

Offer one-off/special rates

Whilst you have a minimum rate you can also be prepared to work for an initial discounted rate on some occasions. This strategy works for any clients you really want to work with, especially if they will be a valued add to your portfolio.

If this is something you wanted to offer be very clear that this is a specific one time offer for them and make them aware of your usual charges outside of this.

Charge per project, instead of per hour

Consider charging the client per project as oppose to the hour. This keeps the work goal focused and, if the price is calculated properly, takes you away from clock watching.

Regardless of how long you have been freelancing it can always feel awkward when it comes to pricing and conversations can differ massively from client to client but take confidence in the work you do and the value you provide.

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