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Fri 27th Nov 2020
If you have ambitions on becoming your own boss with the freedom to work from wherever you want to then freelancing is the fastest way to make that happen.

But with everything going on in the world currently, is now the right time to start?

Or could it be the perfect time to start a business when you’re motivated to make a change?

Business owners are turning to freelancers now more than ever. Remote working throughout lockdown opened everyone’s eyes as to how productive it can be and we have a greater understanding that you don’t have to have to be sat with one another to do a great job and achieve results. Freelance hires within the recession increased with companies wanting to avoid fixed overheads.

True, no one’s quite figured out what the mythic ‘new normal’ is yet. But lots of people are asking questions. And who better to answer them than the remote working pros? (That’ll be the freelancers.)

As workplaces become more flexible, opportunities for freelancers are opening up around the world. But is freelancing the safest option given the current economy?

By freelancing and working for more than one client you are diversifying your risk of job loss through redundancy, something that may be on the horizon for many employed people in the upcoming year.

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