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Why Does A Small Business Need An Accountant? Refer A Friend Today!

Mon 8th Jul 2019

We all love it when a business runs smoothly and that helps when you have an accountant that looks after your finances and keeps everything ticking while you have the freedom to work in your business.

An accountant can take away the pressures and stresses of finances, especially if you’re not good with figures or do not want to get stuck into bookkeeping or accounting training courses just to manage your business.

We all have things that we are good at and everyone personally started their business for a reason - whatever that reason may be, you had a desire to have your own business and you should have the freedom to work on and in it just as you want to.

Many small business owners, freelancers and contractors start off on their own thinking that as they are only small, they don’t have a need for an accountant. Many business owners don’t enjoy accounting or bookkeeping and they end up doing it late at night or at weekends when they could be spending time with family or friends.

Of course, that is absolutely fine and anyone can run a business as they see fit. It can however have a damaging effect on your lifestyle and investing in an accountant is a good business decision as you are investing in a professional service to take the pressure of your finances away, where it can correctly run, tax obligations fulfilled, deadlines adhered to and legislation understood.
Just think about the difference it could make to take the pressures of accounting away! More time for your business; more time to do the things you love and enjoy, more time to meet people, network and grow your business.

For over 10 years, 2020 Accountancy has delivered leading accountancy services to contractors in a broad range of industries, from construction through to IT.

Throughout this time we've remained dedicated to providing you with the very best service delivered by a team that's always on-hand to offer help, advice and guidance when you need it the most.

If you are a client of 2020 Accountancy, you’ll already be aware of the benefits of having an accountant. And if you can appreciate why hiring an accountant for your business is important, we’d love for you to recommend our services to your friends or colleagues. In return we’ll give you a full month FREE accounting for each client you refer.

Simply spread the word and get in touch to refer your friends, there’s no limit to how many people you can recommend, and you can benefit each time.

It really is that simple, give us a call to speak to our friendly accounting team today.

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